If you know someone who doesn't own a cellphone, you are in the minority. If you are someone who doesn't have a cellphone, you are in the tiniestminority. Recent Pew Research statistics indicate that 95% of Americans have a cellphone of some type, and almost 80% have a smartphone. In the 18-29 year old demographic, virtually everyone has a cellphone with 94% of those being smartphones. Oh, we are addicted and a significant amount of us require the latest, fastest, best tech available to get satisfaction. But when the latest and fastest just isn't enough, perhaps the most expensive will do.

Some Pretty Expensive Cellphones

If you think shelling out a grand for the Apple iPhone X is pricey, hang onto your American Express card. Here are some of the most expensive phones money can buy.

  1. Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble: For about $3,000 you can have a cell phone that matches your kitchen countertops. Yep, this is a phone with a beautiful marble case and will have you feeling like a rock star.
  2. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri: Yes, that's the automaker Lamborghini. This phone, in a variety of calfskin leathers and gold and silver plated cases is perfect for the fast talker. Gentlemen, start your cellphones...
  3. Sirin Solarin Crystal: Android fans can overpay for their luxury cellphones as well with this Israeli brand. This phone is sold as the world's most secure cellphone and is highly encrypted. Encryption comes at a price, however, and in the case of the Solarin Crystal, that price starts at $14,000.
  4. Goldvish Eclipse: Another smartphone for Android users, the Goldvish Eclipse, is handmade using fine leathers and a variety of precious metals. It has six lenses and records in stereo. Compared to the phones below, it is quite the bargain at about $7,700.

Most Expensive Cellphones In the World

Hit the lottery, have a rich uncle who recently passed or just been saving up for something special? These phones take "expensive" to a whole new level.

  1. Vertu Signature Cobra: The best way to get family from looking at their cellphones may be to get them looking at yours. This ornate cellphone is made of 22-carat gold and is available in a variety of snake trims, like the Cobra. Vertu phones are made in England and each is said to be handmade. This particular model has a $350,000 price tag. Or you can get a couple of Porsche's.
  2. Kings Button iPhone: Diamonds and more diamonds offer a way to add some sparkle to your texts with this extravagant phone. Small diamonds circle the case with a giant 6.5-carat white diamond serving as the Home button. This gem of a phone will set you back about $2.5 million, but you can spend more if you like.
  3. Gold Sticker iPhone: Diamonds and gold abound on this piece of technology. A 22-carat gold case is trimmed in small diamonds with a whopping 7.1-carat diamond placed for use as the Home button. At $32 million, don't even think about taking this into the restroom.

And THE Most Expensive Cellphone Is...

The Diamond Rose iPhone ranks as the world's most expensive cellphone at an astounding $82 million. This smartphone is encrusted with over 500 small pink diamonds and a diamond-laden Home button. What will an $82 million dollar phone deliver technologically? Not much more than what you can find at the mall. Drop it, however, and it may deliver a heart attack.