Have you always wanted to get that perfect gift basket or package for that "special someone", who doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner but can simply be a best friend or close buddy of another form altogether? Be the best friend that money could never buy, and start with a few great ideas, if you’re really serious, this time, about going out of your way for that special buddy. But know that, when you commit, you have to follow through. No more cheapskate promises this time around, "good friend"; make your plan of action and invest in your friend’s happiness. Consider these four starter options:

  1. The Japanese Fruit Basket – The Best That Money Can Get
  2. The Alterna Shampoo Set – Luxury Bathroom Elegance at a Price Few Can Afford
  3. The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection
  4. The Codex Hammer – Putting Down the Hammer on Frugal Spending and Going "All the Way"

The Japanese Fruit Basket

"At $140 this Japanese fruit basket is one of the most expensive in the world. So what goes in it? Two ordinary musk melons! They’re somewhat of a delicacy in Japan."List 25

This is one heck of a fruit basket. Would you not agree? Just see the above link to learn why it’s so darn expensive; you’ll see the value.

The Alterna Shampoo Set

This one’s good for more than just a few quick cleanups every now and then. Estimated at approximately $386, the shampoo set is comprised of only some of the most original, pure ingredients for cleanliness —- gathered from numerous regions of the globe. It delivers a fresh aroma upon opening, a delightful integration into the scalp, and a feeling of luxury.

The Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection

Elegance says it all in this one-of-a-kind gift, and your friend may truly appreciate it — let her know she is all the woman she is meant to be when you invest in this quality collection of 30 million dollars and upwards in bidding. Go to the auction, or simply purchase online at full starting price. If you can make the payments, and you’re willing to "go that extra mile", then this is the one you need to get right now! She will more than thank you.

The Codex Hammer

Lay down the hammer of the law with this one! Considered the world’s most expensive book to ever sell, and second in line as a global best-seller —- second only to the sacred Holy Bible — the Codex Leicester or Codex Hammer stands in a playing field all of its own. It contains numerous writings and theoretical aspirations by Leonardo Da Vinci and remains the only untampered, original copy in prime shape. It’s a must-have if your friend’s a historian or renaissance lover.

Get Started Today – Be the Best Friend You Could Ever Be!

That’s it, best buddy, now you need to put thought into action and go spend! Make your best friend’s day better than it could be; go above and beyond for that extra special friend or other loved one, this time around, and maybe one day they’ll do the same for you — if they haven’t already! Who knows the joy on their face when they unveil the gift they’ve always wanted but didn’t know they — or anyone else — would afford to get them? Blow them away.