To fully understand golf, you should know the language of the game. There are eagles, birdies, and bogeys. Players should replace divots and not take more than one Mulligan. There are roughs and hazards to avoid and fairways and greens to reach. Real players also know there are two ways to drive a golf course. The first is with a club called a driver. The second is by climbing into a golf cart. After all, who would want to spoil a nice day in the fresh air by walking?

What to Expect in Golf Carts

Golf carts are powered by a variety of sources. Gas powered carts offer the pleasure of being loud and smelly. Electric carts have a built-in “whiplash factor”. Most courses rent golf carts to the masses at a cost about equal to that of playing on the course itself. A cart, however, is a crucial piece of golf equipment. How else, for example, can you keep a case of beer cold while traveling about 7,000 yards? The next level golfer owns his own golf cart. They may live near the golf course or even tow it to where they play on a tiny golf cart trailer. Then there are those who have carts customized to look like a classic car, jeep or a shiny black race car with #3 on the side.

Today's golf carts are no longer just used on golf courses. They are used as daily drivers in retirement communities, driven on beaches, and to get to the corner grocery. This has led to a whole new generation of golf carts and yet another way to spend money.

Some Pretty Fancy Rides

While your basic golf carts can range from $3000-$8,000, here are just some of your premium choices:

  1. Specialty Golf Carts. Specialty golf carts allow you to demonstrate your personality (and thicker wallet) with carts that feature LED lighting, sound systems, and a variety of body styles ranging from SUV to luxury-style knockoffs. Many of these can be bought from $9,000 to $15,000.
  2. Supercar Golf Carts. Want a junior edition of a Lamborghini, Bentley or McLaren? You got it. With a price tag of $15,000 to 20,000, you can almost hear Rodney Dangerfield yelling "Yo, Wang!" from one of these.
  3. A “Limo” Golf Cart.Need to move a larger group around in style? Check out limo-style golf carts with leather seating for up to six or more. Get ready to shell out $20-$25k.

The pinnacle of golf carts (at least in terms of price) comes from the same factory that produces Porsche automobiles. It has the perfect name to go along with its excessive price that qualifies it as the most expensive cart in the world.

Welcome to the “Garia Soleil de Minuit”

With a price tag of about $52,000, the Garia Soleil de Minuit is the world's most expensive production golf cart. In fact, it isn't called a golf cart but a golf “car”. It has some pretty impressive features:

  1. Furniture quality, thick leather seating, perfect for relaxing between swings.

  2. A digital dashboard that shows speed, distances traveled, and more.

  3. No cooler for you! This baby has an onboard refrigerator!

  4. Double-wishbone front suspension for a smooth ride on even the most challenging golf course.

Now is the Garia Soleil de Minuit worth its price tag? Well, its exterior design is understated. It won't have the “Oh wow” factor of a lesser priced “supercar” golf cart, but it sure looks good parked in front of a $6 million mansion. It is not obvious this is a golf car with a price tag that exceeds a $50,000. That will be up to you.