The ability of the rich to honestly waste insane amounts of cash on stuff they don’t need is legendary. For example, a Hong Kong jeweler named Lam Sai-wing has the somewhat dubious honor of owning the most expensive bathroom ever built! Surprisingly, this story isn’t crappy (sorry, not sorry), but is quite exciting and fun to learn.

Seriously! Let’s take a look at the most expensive bathroom ever built and learn more about why it is such a fun and quirky little story. You might be surprised to learn just how weird and original this story is and how fun it can be to just about any reader.

The Cost Of This Bathroom Will Blow Your Mind

When Lam Sai-wing was done building his wild bathroom, he had spent $27 million in Hong Kong cash (about $3.5 million in US dollars) creating a masterpiece of a water closet (a term our British readers will appreciate). Now, we’re not talking about a crappy crapper here, are we? Instead, our eyes are glazing over imagining just how insane Lam’s bathroom would be to see.

For example, everything in the bathroom is made out of solid gold and precious jewels. There are ruby, sapphire, emerald, amber, and even solid gold bars decorating his Million Dollar John. Insanely, the floor is embedded with two-pound gold bars, meaning that you are literally walking on gold.

And when we say everything is made out of precious metals, we aren’t kidding. The toilet bowls, the sinks, the mirror frames, chandeliers, doors, wall tiles, toilet paper holders, and even toilet brushes are made out of gold. Could you be comfortable going to the bathroom in this place? Imagine the tension caused by a little toilet backsplash. Does a bored janitor come in once a day to mop up the golden floors? The mind boggles!

Why Was This Bathroom Made?

Is it as hard to imagine a good justification for this bathroom to you as it is for us? We’re glad we’re not alone in thinking that this is a weird situation! However, Lam Sai-wing had a real reason for installing such a luxuriant and wild bathroom in his store! Well, sort of anyway.

You see, Lam was a big fan of infamous Russian Communist leader, Vladimir Lenin. One of Lenin’s most famous quotes stayed with Lam for his whole life and, when he finally had the money to achieve his goal, he made Lenin’s quote a reality:

“All toilets should be built from gold to remind the public of the waste of the capitalist system.”

Oh, so now it makes sense! Kind of, anyway. Frankly, we can think of any number of things you could do to showcase that without wasting $3.5 million on a bathroom. For example, you could:

  1. Give money to charity
  2. Travel around the world (several times)
  3. Build a rocket ship to go to the moon
  4. Buy $3.5 million double-cheeseburgers at McDonald’s
  5. Line our pockets with a little bit of bling

Seriously, This Story is Cool

Though we’ve joked around a lot about this story, we are actually pretty impressed that somebody spent more on a bathroom than Donald Trump. Now, we’re not getting political here or trying to be controversial, but it is a well-known fact that before he was president, Mr. Trump built Mr. Lam’s bathroom somehow beats this once record-holding bathroom and remains a truly dazzling place to visit, should you ever want to buy jewelry in Hong Kong.