Life is short and art is fleeting someone Greek at some point in time. Or maybe it was life is long and art is hard. We forget. In any case, art is the stuff of life and love. Art is what makes us see the world in new ways or at least in color. Part of having art is having artists. And artists need the right drawing things. How else are they going to bring to life the perfect painting to hang over your fireplace? 

Artists use many kinds of tools including

  • Paint
  • Paper 
  • Colored Pencils

Color Everywhere

The later is one of the real tricks of the trade. While some artists stick to black and white, others see the world in full scale color. How better to bring to life the delicate petals of a daffodil if not via a shade of yellow so soft it practically demands to be pet? Color sets the world in front of us alight. Nothing says happiness more than a warm bowl of deep tomato red tomato soup. Nothing conveys the world a child sees better than a rainbow. Color is everywhere

An Artist  Who Understands Other Artists 

Someone who knows and loves art is Karl Lagerfeld. While normally dressing starlets who won't even breathe your air, Lagerfeld likes to remember his roots as an illustrator now and then even though he's a fancy schmancy artiste. He's the mastermind behind a group of new colored pencils for sale to the public. These colored pencils are all about helping other artists realize their vision. Also making some money.

Being a professional artist means showing others how to see the world.

At about three thousand dollars for a case of three hundred and fifty, it's just a little bit pricey for your average starving artist. Still, when you consider the fact that the average six thousand dollar Chanel jacket Lagerfeld puts on the market is often immediately gobbled up, it's a small price to pay for something that he designed by hand.

What You Get

The colored pencils also include lots of other thing artists need to start a career of their. There's markers, watercolor brushes, charcoals, and a black lacquered cabinet for storing and showing off. Sold at the Museum of Modern Art’s store, it makes the perfect gift. When you break down the KARLBOX, as it is called, it's only twelve bucks per pencil. Not exactly a lot for something hand designed by one of the world's modern masters of form, color and light. The KARLBOX is made by German art company Faber-Castell. 

Professional Artists

Professional artists welcome this new box of colored pencils. Creating a drawing or illustration can be hard work that takes a great deal of attention to very fine detail. The artist must concentrate on what they're doing even if it's just a small project for a boss who's convinced he could hire Picasso for ten cents a picture. Professionals rely on accurate pencils in vivid colors. Those who aren't yet professionals will also appreciate a box of this kind. A young person just starting to learn how to really translate their sight into line, color and form needs all the help they can get. Great artists with a following of devoted fans love demonstrating how they can transform a single page and some colored pencils into pure art that delights all the senses.