You’re in the market for a center console fishing boat and have the extraneous cash burning a hole in your fancy-pants pockets. Look no further than this carefully-crafted, luxurious list:

  • HyrdraSports Custom 53 Sueños Extreme
  • Boston Whaler 420 Outrage
  • Scout Boats 420 LFX

HydraSports Custom 53 Sueños Extreme

Price: $2 million

This is definitely the boat of your “sueños” and it can be yours for a measly $2 million! This 52-foot 11-inch, custom boat is the most expensive center console boat ever created. It’s custom-built for performance, from the composite-created hull, to the 1,000-gallon fuel tank. The boat is solid white with blue luminescent lighting all over, including the helm, steps and the four 627-hp Seven Marine outboards on the back.

If you want to throw a party, and why wouldn’t you if you were in possession of this magnificent beast, the floor can open to reveal a hydraulically-lifted table. If you want to fish with 40 of your closest friends, the HydraSports Custom 53 Sueños Extreme has 40 rod holders, awash in glowing blue light. Plus, you’ll never get lost because this custom machine has not one, but three, Garmin Series 8000 monitors. It has two refrigerators, three freezers and a shocking 45 speakers for your listening pleasure.

Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

Price: $744,561 (base model with standard power)

If you’re on a budget, why not settle for the Boston Whaler 420 Outrage? For the low-low price of three-quarters of a million, this 42’6” boat has “loads of amenities and a solid ride,” according to It’s got a 600-gallon fuel capacity and is the largest center-console boat Boston Whaler has ever built. This gorgeous boat boasts a smooth ride, with self-adjusting trim tabs, and sight lines that are never compromised.

As far as entertaining is concerned, the wraparound bow lounge and sun lounge are able to flip up to create reclined seating. Speaking of transitional seating, the cockpit can create extra seats and a leaning post, so owners are able to create a summer kitchen area in the warmer weather. Plus, this luxury boat has an electric grill, a freshwater sink, a refrigerator and freezer, and a bait-prep station.

As if this weren’t enough, the 420 Outrage has majorly luxurious below-deck amenities, with a dinette table, faux-granite counters, private showers and air conditioning. 

Scout Boats 420 LFX

Price: $772,960 (base price with quad Yamaha F300s and Helm Master)

This little 42-foot baby can be yours for only $772,960. According to, this model is an

“artful blend of fishing features and luxury, [both] posh and functional.”

 As the largest-to-date for the Scout company, the 420 LFX is built both sophisticated and tough for your extravagant fishing pleasure.

The 420 Outrage includes hardwood floors, a wood dining table and a 32-inch television. It’s also got all of the comforts of home with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, stove and shower on board. If someone decides to go for a swim, the 420 Outrage has a hydraulically-powered 6-foot diving board.

In case you actually want to use your center-console boat for sport, you can cook your fish on the electric grill or store it for later in the 108-gallon fish boxes.

The best feature of the 420 Outrage is its powerful construction and optimal performance. Scout describes this as “structural quality and durability,” while maintaining a light-weight body perfect for speeding through the water.